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Upon some confusion among my readers, I have created a Battle Cross wiki. This site will have undeniable proof, references, and answers for you all! But it will take time and effort. Hector's page alone took me half a day and I still need to do the rest of the bells and whistles for the site. So please be patient. I will send a mass notification and/or profile update with the URL when I deem it ready for the public eye.

P.S. Within the next couple of years, I plan to make a web comic for Battle Cross and many other works of mine. But firstly, practice makes perfect. No matter how hard you imagine something, the pen won't know it...

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It’s a dark day when the Author himself fails his own quiz. According to Rodriguez, I scored 3/10 on my own quiz. Now, it might be my destroyed pride talking, but I think some of the questions weren’t even answer even if I did go back to check in earlier chapters. Like this question, for example; “What color is Alvin’s hair?” …Beats me.


Before he knew it, Hector was slammed onto his back, lying on the rough dirt floor of the racetrack. With Alvin poised to strike again.

Imagine the shared surprise when both Alvin and Hector saw a ceramic blade cut of the red captain’s right arm.

Back to reality, Hector winced when saw the limb land next to his head. A little relieved that the thought of losing limbs left to right wasn’t only recurring with him.

“Aw come on-” Alvin started before being forcefully shoved away by Gronckle.

Nightmare was at his captain’s side in no time as Gronckle found himself having a hard time wrestling a one-armed captain. “I have to admit, when you told me your plan earlier in the locker room, I was a bit confused. But now, man, you think of every possible scenario, don’t you?!” Stewart held his hand out to help Night Fury up.

Night Fury snapped back to reality and clapped his hand with Stewart’s. “How far ahead are Ash and Ronnie?”

If Stewart was surprised how fast Night Fury got over being attacked by three people at once, he didn’t voice it. “They’re about halfway through their first heat, but that lumbering Thunderdrum is catching up to them.”

Hector nodded and turned to try to spot them from a distance. Wait a second, if Thunderdrum is there, where Murderous tackled Hector are- rather easily due to his recent injury. Hector fought to get out of the pinning position Murderous had him in.

Stewart was currently busy with a vengeful Exterminator that wanted to even the score from their last race. Catching on fire by, frankly his own hand, and own armor and weapons did not sit well with the guy.

“Argh!” It was bad enough that Hector himself was still stuck at the starting line, but with his other two teammates not relaying support to their female counterparts, this race would end sooner than expected if the rest of Team Elite ever recovered and joined the race. He needed to rid himself of this adversary and get into the race before another team even got another point. “Jefferson, get over here and assist!” Hector barked into his helmet channel linked to the Night Fury-520.  

“What do you mean, forfeit the race?!” Virgil yelled right back at his sponsor.

“Turn back around and get Cameron to the medical station. My daughter’s wellbeing is far more important than some race!” Rebecca couldn’t believe how Virgil was speaking to her and what infuriated her more was how loosely the co-captain spoke of Cameron’s current condition. How dare he not inform her of Cameron being attacked before the race!

Virgil didn’t move to turn around or even slow down as he raced after Thunderdrum nor did he put this private conversation onto speaker for the rest of his team to hear. “Think about the consequences of what you’re saying, Ms. Bateman! The contract binds Team Elite to finish the championships while its being broadcasted; the fines that would follow forfeiting would put our support groups in debt-”

“I am ordering you to disqualify you and this team, Virgil, and I will hear nothing of it! Turn around, now!” Rebecca cut off the link, too irritated to continue the conversation calmly.

Virgil clenched his teeth so hard; he might need to visit orthodontists for some fillings. Braking hard to a stop in the middle of a turn, his actions were mirrored by his teammates. “Head to the lockers, this race is over.” Informing his team, fuming, Virgil couldn’t have gripped his accelerator any more without breaking the handle bar from the rest of the bike as he turned around and headed for the starting line. He would follow orders, but he wasn’t going to be happy about it.

Thoroughly confused at this latest development, Charlie and Joel were ecstatic that they wouldn’t have to compete while Timberjack was injured. They followed suit almost too willingly, Virgil noted.  

Peering over at the jumbo screen off to the side of the racetrack, Ash saw that Team Elite forfeited the race for whatever reason. Relaxing for a while, Ash smirked, knowing that she had a hand in their sudden leave from the race. Now all that was left was Team Suoredrum. In addition, by another look at the screen, most of their team was still brawling with her male teammates of HRT. All that was left were the twists and jumps of the slightly altered dirt portion of the second race. Happily thinking of how easy this race was turning out to be, Ash didn’t even notice how close Thunderdrum had advanced upon her until it was too late.

With a wide swinging arc, Thunderdrum brought his shield down onto the unsuspecting Nadder. With the arrogant mindset of their last duel, Thunderdrum smiled from behind his visor at how easy taking down a light-class would be. He didn’t even concern himself with the other one. A few swats of his shield and a victory for his team would be ensured.

But what neither of the two noticed was that while Zippleback was no longer Nadder’s partner, Ronnie didn’t seem to hold grudges for long and her sidekick needed her help. A well-placed butt of her pole near Thunderdrum’s front wheel spokes added up to one jerk face flying from his bike while the officials were busy filming the fight at the starting line. Sure, what she did was illegal, but no one with authority was watching, now were they?

Ronnie released her staff as soon as it was caught in Thunderdrum’s front wheel. “Whoops, I‘ve seemed to have misplaced my weapon.” Ronnie’s mischievous voice rang through Ash‘s helmet.  

A wide smile broke across Ash’s face. “Butter fingers.” Ash breathed out, realizing she was holding it in in anticipation for the upcoming one-sided battle with Thunderdrum’s shield. Tucking her daggers away, rode up alongside of Ronnie. “So…” Ash led on, hoping her friend would notice her undertones of apologizing.

No such luck. “Hmm?” Ronnie wouldn’t allow Ash to get off the hook so easily. “So what?”

After a series of triple jumps, Ash got right back to where she was and let Ronnie have it. “Fine. I’m sorry for being a…” Ash searched for words.

“A butthead.” Ronnie supplied.

Fixing her jaw, Ash accepted her new title and continued. “Yeah, whatever. Look, I’m not going to go into the details, but I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting lately. It’s just that… that stupid contract and our… captain!” Ash didn’t want to say his name.

“Yeah, well, I forgive you, but I signed that contract too, Ash. I have fines too and my mom won’t let me forget it. But did you really have to ditch me like that?” Ronnie responded back so harshly, Ash winced. “I don’t have some super lawyer for a dad, okay? It was just me and my mom, who I might add doesn’t exactly agree with my hobbies but loves me anyway, who still offered to help with the hefty fines.

“Sure, I had Frankie, but the guy works at a fast food restaurant! I didn’t want to involve him in my mess…” Ronnie gunned it unnecessarily for the tabletop jump. When she landed it, she turned to face Ash who caught up with her to eagerly hear what she had to say. “You weren’t there, Ash. I needed someone who was going through exactly what I was, but she decided to pack her bags and run away to Hector’s fortress. Then you didn’t talk to me as we trained. Now I know it’s not my fault, but I can’t seem to hold a grudge with you for some reason.” Evidence of this a few moments ago with Thunderdrum.

Ronnie seemed to shake herself from all the drama between them. “Whatever, we got a race to finish and I’m not keen to having to listen to Hector scream at us for losing a race with no one remotely near us-” Ronnie was interrupted by an unknown strike at her back. Losing control of her 420, she and her bike swerved towards the guardrail before crashing in a heap.  

Ash whipped her head around, searching for who attacked her best friend. Her piercing glare widened as she came face to face with a passing archenemy of hers…

The offensive shield was sticking out of the ground before Thunderdrum raced towards it and reattached it to his forearm. As he neared the halted Ash, he hefted up the damned staff that sent him flying off his bike and reared back to throw it at Nadder.

Deftly dodging the pole by dismounting her 420, Ash managed to sling her daggers at Thunderdrum at the contorted position she angled herself in. One of her daggers embedded itself into Thunderdrum’s shoulder, causing him to lose balance on his bike. He fought for control with his one hand on the handlebar while his other was holding his shield, but in the end tumbled off his bike and lurched face-first onto the dirt track. Ash had a choice now; help Ronnie up or avenge her by pounding a dent into the one that attacked her. The latter seemed so much more satisfying to Ash as she crept closer to the two.

Ultimately, Ash put her friend first over some stupid race.

“Ow…” Ronnie stirred, nursing her head after straightening up. She felt like she was nailed on the back of her head by some football made of metal. Before she could think of what had happened to her, an all too familiar beeping came from her right. Realizing where she was, she knew that she couldn’t escape in time. That is, until she felt herself being picked up and thrown away. Ash came just in time to move Ronnie out of the way as the NOOB bomb went off. Ronnie landing on her rear end, sat up to yell at whoever threw her like some rag doll. However, before she could say anything, her savior flew into her, causing the both of them to groan in pain.

It was noble of Ash to take the hit for Ronnie, but it still hurt like hell. Lying down aside Ronnie, Ash peered over to her long forgotten partner. “Who’s the sidekick now?”

Ronnie stripped off her helmet to release her throbbing head before cracking a grin at Ash. “Depends” Ronnie chuckled into full-blown laughter.

As her lips quivered from trying to contain how good it felt to see Ronnie laugh after so long, Ash soon joined Ronnie in a fit of laughter.

Ronnie ceased her laughter suddenly and looked at Ash with urgency. “Thunderdrum is getting up and the finish line is right there! You gotta go, Ash!”

Ash didn’t budge. “I’m not abandoning you again, Ronnie.” Taking off her helmet and giving Ronnie a genuine smile, Ash said, “I’m here.”

Ronnie seemed to relax at her friend’s reassurance but tensed back up when Thunderdrum managed to get back onto his bike to finish the race. “Hector’s not going to be happy about this…”

“I don’t care.”


Team Suoredrum won the second race of the championship and neither captain of the losing teams was taking it well. The crowd booed the victors off the track while the officials tried and failed to break up the still continuing brawl that took place on the starting line. Apparently, earning his team a victory wasn’t enough, Thunderdrum had to go and whack Night Fury upside the head just as the captain managed to swat away Murderous. Night Fury sic-ed his 520 on Thunderdrum and started to wail on the sore winner, causing the other members of each opposing team to resume an even greater fight.

An official’s EMP grenade discouraged any more outbreaks and the teams filed off the track and into their designated locker rooms.

“Ugh!” Hector had been growling assorted animal noises the whole trip to the locker room. If he was snarling inside his helmet, he was clawing the walls and punching the nearby doors as he passed. For all his teammates knew, he was too pissed to yell at them with any coherent words. This was the second lost for Team HRT and it seemed like the races themselves were lasting less and less time. In addition, Hector’s patience was getting thinner.

Ronnie didn’t know whether Hector knew how close Ash and her were to winning the race, but she decided not to inform him of this. For one, by the angered sounds he was producing, it was likely Hector would rip them apart, and two, it was kind of humorous to see Hector acting like this. A nudge from her left, Ronnie leaned over to whisper, “I don’t think we should be talking while Hector is raging, Ash.”

Nevertheless, Ash didn’t bother lowering her voice. She didn’t care what Hector would if he overheard. “What do you say we go visit Frankie after the showers? I could use something to eat after being sent flying by that stupid NOOB bomb.”

“There’s food here.” Ronnie reminded her with a knowing expression.

“I think I’d rather be around Frankie than eat with Hector as he is now…” Ash shoulder Ronnie and turned the both of them down the hall towards the parking lot.

Stewart saw that Ash and Ronnie were no longer following them so he spoke up in hopes to calm down his captain with the absence of Ash being there to fire him back up. Taking off his helmet and rubbing his helmet hair around, Stewart tried, “We’ve got one more race and Team Elite forfeited. We’re still in this race, Hector.”

Not immediately answering, Hector roughly shoved the locker room door open and entered as Stewart and Teddy followed. Hector paced back and forth, as the two sat themselves down and started unhooking their armor pieces. Then, without warning, Hector took off his helmet and threw it across the room. It crashed into a row of locker, denting the doors greatly before falling to the floor. Disregarding to walk over and pick it up, Hector stiffly dropped onto the bench. Teddy and Stewart quickly scooted over as to not anger their captain.

“It’s just a race? There will be more?” Teddy didn’t sound convinced with his own pep talk. Surprisingly, Hector didn’t attack him for the lame attempt.

“It’s not just a race…” Hector contemplated telling them the real reason for the championship. Moments passed before he rested his elbows on his knees, clasped his fingers, and set his chin down on them. “HRT is having some financial problems right now… My dad and I risk bankruptcy and losing this company.”

Stewart’s eyes widened as Teddy let out a low whistle. “Okay, maybe there won’t be any more races… What?” Teddy appeared apologetic when Stewart gave him a warning glance to stop talking.

“What do you mean, ‘financial problems’? HRT is the most renowned company on Berk.” Stewart hadn’t thought of the championship as nothing more than a way to get further sponsors and maybe a signing contract with some video game developers. But it didn’t make sense, why would HRT even be having problems as the number 1 benefactor to the sport of Battle Cross?! The sport was relatively new.

“Building 420s and their unique armors aren’t without their expensive materials and patents. And it probably didn’t help that my personal projects weren’t funded by myself.” Hector muttered that last part into his hands. News of HRT potentially closer was as shocking to him as it was to Stewart and Teddy. He would only found out about it the day he told Solomon that he would become the captain for Team HRT. While at the time, this development didn’t seem urgent since Hector arrogantly thought he would win the championship, after this two devastating losses, he was starting to sweat. His mother! He was so absorbed in thinking of all the toys and gadgets he would lose that he didn’t even bring his mother into the equation.

He had to get out. Get out before this pushed away his mother from coming back. There’s nothing like coming to a financially broken family to steer her away forever. Hector swiftly got up and exited the room to find his mother before the rumors got to her first. Running down the halls towards the elevator, Hector’s mind raced for one plausible reason he could give his mother to stay. Once inside the elevator, it came to him. It was going to be costly. He might have to sell a few of his armors and bikes, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. That is, if he times it right.

Pressing the button “G” for the garage’s parking lot, Hector prepped himself for his possibly illegal mission.


Finally arriving to the destination she saw from a distance, Valarie closed in and knelt down to reach for the flowers. If she had to admit, the flowers seemed to be the only thing around that didn’t give her any negative feelings. When she plucked a particularly bright tulip, her face hardened into a frown once she discovered that it was a fake, plastic arrangement. It seems that I’m surrounded by false elements… Plucking the phony petals of the bud, Valarie was unaware of someone standing behind her until they made themselves known with a clear of their throat. Valarie clearly heard them, but she did not turn to face them. “Yes?”

“Drake wants his report.” The young man was probably a couple of years Hector’s elder, but was dressed in slacks. Schooling his voice to sound professional despite his voice not maturing yet, he answered to the woman’s back with his suit jacket slung over his shoulder. “You didn’t file your routinely report last week.”

A woman, donned in more casual clothing, stepped up and obscured Valarie’s sun light. “He’s getting impatient. No doubt entertaining that the actress foolishly attached herself to her fake family.”

Valarie laughed wryly at the woman’s choice of words. Was she not just thinking of bogus views a moment ago? “Did Drake ask that you relay bitterness as well, Mikaela?”

Mikaela sniffed, “Did he send you to infiltrate the Haddock’s garden, Valarie?”

“Enough.” A voice like crunching gravel silence the two before their banter began. As the older gentleman stepped forward in front of his subordinates, he noted that his presence made Valarie turn around to face his group. The man had a dress shirt on with a loose tie around his neck and suspenders digging into his shoulders.

“Captain Grayson.” Valarie greeted, still kneeling on the ground by the flowerbed.

Taking off his straw porkpie hat, Grayson sighed at his agent while combing through his peppered hair. “Valarie, why didn’t you send in your progress?” Grayson was never one for greetings.

“I was busy with the daily dramatics of being a raped mother that accused her husband, left for a couple of years only to return to a distraught son, Captain Grayson.” Valarie responded with a tone of such a woman with that story wouldn’t possess.

Mikaela opened her mouth to reprimand Valarie for her mocking answer towards their captain. However, she stopped when Grayson raised a hand to halt her advances.

“Valarie, play the aspiring actress all you want, but I need something to report back to the big wig back at Fort Suoredrum.” Grayson spat out his gum and reached to open up a fresh one. The gum landed in the flowerbed.

Not at all outwardly bothered by Grayson’s intimidating figure, Valarie retrieved her report from her pocket and handed it to the older man.

Grayson usually would’ve taken it and left, but he unfolded it and read it there while glancing at Valarie. Peering down to read its content, Grayson furrowed his brows and crumpled up the piece of paper before flicking it back at Valarie. Neither person flinched when it bounced off Valarie’s forehead. “My patience is running thin here, Val. You didn’t acquire any passwords or codes while being here?”

Valarie reached up and felt the spot the paper bounced off her forehead. “You’d be surprised how secure such things would be. Imagine my shock when the guards weren’t just handing it to me as soon as I walked through the front doors.” Straightening up to stand, an emotion finally appeared on Valarie’s face. Irritation. “I’m aware of my schedule, Captain, but if this mission were easy, Drake would’ve sent your team in to extract the bank accounts of HRT.” Valarie pushed past them and dismissed herself from their little meeting. “If you’ll excuse me, I have an estranged son to coddle.”

Mikaela was held back by her captain.

“Forget about her attitude. At the end of the day, the punishment will be solely on her for failing to meet the time limit Drake gave her.” Grayson watched her retreating form and narrowed his eyes when he saw that someone was following her. It wasn’t someone from his squad. Instead of investigating this, Grayson waved for his team to leave. Valarie was known for making enemies, whoever this new adversary was, and it was her problem.

“Our ride is here.” Liam, the silent member of the team, announced.

Grayson nodded and his team vanished.


“I want you gone by tonight…”

“I beg your pardon, but we are not leaving. We have a life here!” The woman defended.

“Dear, calm down-”

“You expect me to calm down, Reginald? This young man is coercing us to live our home!”

“Margaret, think about it. With the money he’s offering, we can now send Lindsey to her dream university.” Reginald informed his wife of the possibility. “And we would have enough money to purchase that house you wanted. The one with the lion paw bathtub…”

Margaret was persuaded easily after that.

Hector held out the paper, waited for them to sign, and traded the rest of his inheritance for the keys to his old house.

“It’s all according to plan now, Jefferson! I can now offer my mother a reason to stay… we’ll be back at the house and everything will go back to normal.” Hector fantasized the old days when his family was back together.

Jefferson didn’t want to rain on his master’s parade by stating his doubts that it would be that simple, so he eagerly listened as Hector informed him of his plan. Jefferson smiled at the notion of a skip in Hector’s step.

“Now all I have to do is find her and give her the great news.” Hector exited the tower and walked outside. “I don’t know if I should order catering or take her out to dinner- There she is!” Hector spotted his mother walking away from a flowerbed. He jogged to catch up with her. “Things are finally turning around, Jefferson…” Hector held a wistful smile.

“Yes, I hope for the better, Mr. Haddock.”


The next day, it was the third and final race of the championship. Team Elite has paid its multiple fines and their team is halfway home to Bog Isle. Meanwhile, Night Fury got back from a close brush with the law, Nadder and Zippleback were partners again and indifferent about the ending results of the championships, Nightmare and Gronckle received yet another set of mystery orders from Hector, and Team Suoredrum knew what was at stakes with the looming threat of Reptile therapy. With everyone on edge, off the racetrack too, it’s a wonder why no one outside the business couldn’t pick up on it.  

For the last race of the championship, the track wasn’t behind the HRT tower. As unnerving to Hector as it was, the ending race was held at the track that held the cave-in that took his leg. Hector and Solomon both knew that the broadcasting ratings would soar through the roof, but Hector’s stomach was turning just being here. What made it even worse was that the starting line was inside the cave! Hector was thankful for the dim lighting in the cave; else, everyone could see that he was visibly shaking in his armor.

Although his mother disapproved of the location greatly, it was a necessary risk for a means to an end. Either Hector won and the problems HRT had would disappear or he’d lose and go to plan B. It didn’t matter which choice happened, this race had to happen. At this damning space of all places.

Focus. The starting lights were counting down.

The instant the race started, Hector jumped off his bike and tightly gripped his Eskrima. Gronckle and Nightmare dismounted and tackled Nadder and Zippleback to the ground. Just as his teammates went down, Hector whipped both Eskrima to both sides of him.

Red Death, bemused at Night Fury’s antics, held his team back so not to have them run into a trap. What was Night Fury up to?

Each Eskrima embedded itself into the electrical grid that functioned the poor lighting, cameras, and alarm systems while the other one struck the  There was a blackout in the cave and Hector had to act fast to take full advantage. Getting back onto his recently modified 520, he spun it to face Team Suoredrum behind him. Gunning the engine, and holding the brake, Hector took aim as the cannon at the front of his bike spooled and charged. Achieving loaded power, Night Fury yelled over his shoulder, “Get out of here! NOW!”

Nightmare pulled a fighting Nadder as Gronckle dragged the still confused Zippleback behind them, both hauling ass to get their teammates out of the danger zone.

Night Fury pulled a wheelie and shot the ceiling of the enclosure. Without waiting to see if it did the trick, Hector ditched his bike, retrieved his weapons and mounted the nearest 420. Tearing up asphalt, Night Fury zoomed out of the cave and braked hard next to a stunned Nadder. Before she could protest, Night Fury pulled her to sit behind him. Now that its owner was mounted, the Nadder-420 could travel to its regular speed without restraint from its theft prevention system not being recognized Night Fury. Send a weak wave to the rest of his team, Night Fury sped off to begin the final race.

Before Ronnie, Stewart, or Teddy could say anything, the cave behind them collapsed. With shouts of surprise, the trio realized that they were a little too close for comfort and ran for their lives. Without their bikes, they barely managed to escape the crumbling starting point. “Has Hector lost it?!” Ronnie screamed into the team’s comm. link. There are still people in there!”

“You’re welcome to go in there and help Thunderdrum if you’re that concerned, Ronnie…” Hector radioed in shortly after.

Even mentioning the person made Ronnie huff in frustration, no longer as mad as she was at her captain. “Well, how are we going to finish the race now, genius? You buried our bikes!”

“Obviously, Hector’s going to be finishing the race alone.”

“Alone? Didn’t you see him take Ash with him? Why didn’t he just take his own bike? Explain that, smart one?” Ronnie stared at Stewart, awaiting his logical answer. When she saw that he had none. “Yeah, I thought so.”

Ash was utterly confused and shocked at Hector’s actions. Why did he blow up the cave with Alvin and his team still inside? And why weren’t the officials or authorities stopping the race?! Didn’t they just witness the multiple homicides on live broadcast?! But as more and more questions flooded her head, Ash was brought out of her thoughts when the person in front of her addressed her.

“…Ash, are you listening!”

That was when Ash noticed her surroundings. Where she was. But something more important. The stadium was in a blackout. Ash couldn’t even see the crowd. Suddenly, Ash flinched and look behind her. The thunderous boom of the cave shattering came through her helmet as she guessed it must’ve been feedback from one of her teammates flailing their arms about from a distance.

“Wake up, Ash!” Ash felt someone nudge her a bit too roughly. If she didn’t reach to grip onto the person, she would’ve fell off. “Stop shoving me, Hector!” Ash knew instantly who it was once someone in the crowd took a picture and the flash revealed the dark prince driving her bike. Wait a second… “Why are you on my bike, Hector?!”

“Technically, its my bike. I built it.” Hector answered back with a smirk in his tone. “But that doesn’t matter right now. I have a race to win.” Hector said, as if Ash wasn’t there or the fact that the two of them were on her bike to begin with.

Irked at his usual attitude, Ash pushed it aside to get to the real issue. “Why did the cave explode like that? And why is the race still on?”

“I shot the ceiling, but not before cutting off almost all the power in the stadium.” Hector expertly manuerved the obstacle course while answering Ash’s questions. “And what’s with you and Ronnie lately. Why do you suddenly care about those lowlifes?”

“Uh, maybe because we could all go to jail for killing them? Did you figure that into your secret plan?”

“Please, the armors can withstand an explosion. And it’s not as if Alvin and his team were just standing there twiddling their thumbs as the ceiling came down on them.”

“Do you hear yourself right now? They could all be crushed right now and all you care about is this stupid race. I thought you were smarter than this, Hector.”

“I am smarter. As a matter of fact, I think it’s time I got rid of some dead weight!” Having enough of her company, Hector skidded to a stop and threw Ash off the bike. Dismounting, Hector activated his night vision and brought his foot down onto Ash’s back. Due to the spot Hector’s foot was, Ash was temporarily immobile. Hector reached down and ripped her helmet clean off. Hector knew how hard it was to detach a helmet from an active armor and he guessed that the action caused some injury to Ash’s neck, but Hector had other priorities to deal with instead of tending to his teammate.

“You don’t know what’s a stake here, Hofferson. If you care so much about those idiots, go back and rescue them for all I care!” Night Fury stepped off Ash and got back onto the bike, positioning her helmet on the handlebars before speeding off into the darkness.

Ash got up as soon as Hector got off her. But it was too late to retaliate. Night Fury had gone to finish the race. Pain shot up her spine forcing Ash back onto the ground. Rolling her back, Ash winced when she discovered her neck was the source. Taking a deep breath, Ash cracked her neck and stifled a cry. Massaging her neck, she felt better but her neck was still sore. Before she thought of what to do next, the lights in the stadium suddenly came on and Ash was blinded. Blinking her eyes back into focus, Ash faced the jumbo screen of the stadium. Her eyes widened when she saw the screen mirror her face.

The camera zoomed out and broadcasted the rest of Team HRT. Ash breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Ronnie safely off to the side, safe. Not willing to admit it aloud, Ash was glad Stewart and Teddy were all right too. Nevertheless, when Night Fury came into view, racing towards the finish line, Ash cursed.

If only I ripped off his helmet to reveal the idiot to everyone… Ashes cursed under her breathe.

“Dude, look how hot she is…”

“Wow, I’ve never seen her up close before. She really is attractive…”

“We love you, Nadder!!!”

“Yeah, go Ash Hofferson!!”

The crowd behind her cheered her on as she stood there, a little embarrassed at the praise and comments she received from the fans in the stadium. Her fans. When the cameras focused back on her, Ash gave ‘em a show. First, she smiled, and then she pulled a smolder and laughed at the crowds’ instant reaction. For the first time in awhile, Ash was genuinely happy. Her captain forgotten, Ash hopped over the guardrail and greeted her fans up close. Although, she kept a safe distance from her ecstatic fan boys. Ash didn’t even notice the cameras cut back to Night Fury has he won the final race of championship. Neither did her gathering.

“Winner: Night Fury!!! Team HRT has taken the last race!!” The announcer was interrupted by the officials who stormed the announcer’s box in hopes of stopping the man before it was too late. However, they arrived out of time. Truthfully, the officials couldn’t decide whether to give Team HRT a win or not. Most of the race wasn’t broadcasted to prove this victory. In addition, the fact that the emergency crews still haven’t located Team Suoredrum was worrying them deeply. There were hundreds of thousands people in the stadium, this new development wouldn’t go unnoticed.

“What’s going on here?!” Solomon entered the room and everyone fell silent. The founder of the sport admittedly had trouble getting there what with the blackout and scrambling security trying their best to avoid any rioting or pillaging.

The head of security was thrusts forward and before he could reprimand whoever was responsible for shoving him, Solomon had already locked eyes with the man. “Sir, the instant the race started, there was a commotion at the starting line. Without warning, the lights and power went off in the enclosure and we lost the camera feed.” The man repeated what his lead technicians told him just a moment ago.

“I see. And what is this about Team HRT winning?” Solomon inquired.

All eyes went to the announcer and the man visibly paled. “Well, Mr. Haddock, the captain of Team HRT, Night Fury, crossed the finish line.” The announcer quickly resumed when he saw that the room regarded him with annoyed stares. “Well, as you know, the finish line is synced to each of the competitor’s 420s and once they acquired enough points and cross the finish line, the race will be ended and the winning team will be decided…” The announcer pointed at the tech team to continue where he left off.

The lead technician glared at the announcer before schooling his expression. “As he was stating, yes, the system decided that the winning team is HRT due to this race’s function only requiring a lap point because of the obstacle course and it being the final race. Although, it is unclear whether or not the race was in fact won fairly.” The technician scanned the room to see whom he could pass the responsibility hot potato to next, but Solomon still had his gaze fixed on him. He could only guess that the question of forfeiting the founder’s team didn’t sit well with Solomon. The technician waved to the emergency crew captain to change the subject.

The emergency crew captain grimaced, but thankfully got his report from a subordinate. “In regards to Team Suoredrum, my men have recovered them and the medical teams are standing by…” The captain leaned over to hear the latest news radioed into his earpiece. “I copy that last mission. Mr. Haddock, the team that was uncovered is refusing medical care and is starting to be harassed by the patrons in the crowd.”

Solomon stiffened before barking orders left to right. “You, send your guards down there to stop this before it gets out of hand! Captain, thank you and your men for their fast recovery of the victims! You, announce that all teams gather at the finish line! And, you, make sure the power and broadcasting are 100 percent back online. And will someone retrieve Night Fury!”

Night Fury was already on his 520, riding away to an unknown destination.


“Congratulations, Team HRT, on finishing the final race of the championships!!”

Team Suoredrum did their best to show their clear displeasure of bury buried alive and their enemies coming out victorious. They all openly glared at all the members of Team HRT, minus their captain, as Alvin was trembling in his armor.

Team HRT was missing their own captain, but only the female team members were angry at this. Ash filled in her friend on how exactly their captain won and Ronnie was now in the same boat as Ash, thoroughly done with Hector. Stewart and Teddy, who had knowledge of Hector’s plan, wondered where Night Fury went off to.

“But, there’s a twist!” The announcer instantly earned the attention of both teams and the audiences in the crowd and of those watching at home. “Due to a three-way tie, the championships must now be won by a final battle between each team’s best fighters!!!”

While Alvin’s team argued who would be chosen to represent their team, Stewart’s nerves were on edge as he searched and called for his captain. “Where’s Hector?!”

Ronnie started to worry too. Stealing a glance at Team Suoredrum, she visibly flinched at how bloodthirsty they appeared. The teams of criminals activated their armor and weapons and were actually fighting each other for the chance to get payback.

“With the captains of each team, please step forward!!” The announcer pointed to the cage where the duel would be held.

Everyone in the stadium fell silent as they all watched who stepped into the cage. Even Alvin’s team stopped fighting to gape at who took center stage.

Team HRT’s Nadder, aka Ash Hofferson, stood in the center of the cage in her fighting stance. Her helmet on, armor activated and fully charged, Ash beckoned her opponent to come forward to fight her.

“Are you crazy?!” Stewart jumped first and ran for the cage, but the officials held him back.

Ronnie shoved past them and grabbed onto the chain link wall of the cage. “Ash, get out of there! Those guys are in another league!”

“I don’t see what the big deal is…” Ash rolled her shoulders and felt the slight pinch of her neck. “I won the fight against Hector and he’s a captain.”

“No, Ash, we fought Hector, and we barely won. Those guy don’t have the restraint Hector has, they will kill you!” Ronnie raised her voice even louder, trying to get through to her best friend.

“Ronnie’s right, Ash. It’s just a race, there will be others. One, I might add, that won’t involve these killer clowns!”

“You guys have no faith in me,” Ash glared at her teammates. “I’ve surpassed Hector and I’m going to win this fight with or without your support-”

“Ash, would you just shut up and think!” Stewart got into the cage somehow and stared down Ash. “There’s a reason you never won against me back then or Hector right now in the present! You’re too impulsive a-and you keep trying to prove to everyone how great you are! You come out swinging without using your head and end up hurting yourself more than you’re helping yourself! Would you just grow up!”

Narrowing her eyes, Ash scowled fiercely as she walked right up to his face. “That’s a laugh coming from you, Stewart. I’m supposed to take advice from the guy that’s been following Hector blindly these last few months?” Ash laughed in his face derisively.

Stewart shook his head at her attitude. “You still don’t get the gravity of what’s going on here. Look around you, Ash. Half an hour ago, those guys had a cave on top of them and now that they’re out, they can’t wait for the chance to tear us to pieces. These guys are pissed and they are hardcore criminals. This whole championship is rigged, Ash. We almost killed them and now they want us to have a duel with the most bloodthirsty of them?! All of this for a trophy?!”

Ash thought of Stewart’s words for all of a moment before she made her decision. Walking past Stewart towards the exit of the cage, Ash called out to the announcer. “Hey, I’m…” Ash’s team members relaxed when they saw that Ash was going to forfeit. Stewart managed to get through to her.

“I’m fighting. Escort my team mate out of here so we can start this thing already.”

“What?!” Stewart lunged at Ash. If she wasn’t going to listen to reason, he’d have to drag her from the cage, kicking and screaming. But as he reached for her, Stewart fell flat on his face, his own armor deactivated by the officials. “No!!” Stewart yelled from inside his shell of armor.

On sidelines, Teddy and Ronnie were deactivated as well. They could only watch as Ash fought. The guards picked them up and set them up on a bench to witness their teammate make the worst mistake of her life.

“Will the other fighter come forth?” The announcer called for someone from Team Suoredrum.

By order of Drake, Alvin was chosen to fight for his team. Taking his time walking up to the cage, Alvin grew more and more intimidating to Ash as he got closer. Now standing in front of her, Ash felt a tinge of regret in her brash decision. A foot taller than Ash, Alvin towered over her in his fearsome armor. It was then that the revelation of how dangerous Red Death was that Ash thought of Stewart’s warning. Although she thought Stewart didn’t make sense when he said Hector had restraint while fighting them, it was actually the fact that Hector had more control than his rival. Red Death had just survived a cave collapsing on his head and Ash grew certain that he held no reserves for their fight. She wasn’t Hector, but she was on the team responsible.  

Steeling herself, Ash brought both of her daggers to either side of her and got into her stance. Once Alvin mirrored her, the announcer began the fight.


-Haddock Household-

Hector drove up the driveway and pressed a switch on his wrist to open the garage. Parking and spreading a tarp over his 520, Hector took off his helmet and ventured into the house only to come home to the smell of breakfast. Bemused at the sight of the meal at night, Hector sat himself down before spotting his mother coming into the dining room from the kitchen.

“It’s like we never left. I’m surprised how tidy this house still is…” Valarie mentioned regarding less than satisfactory hygiene habits. “Do you guys hire a cleaning service?”

Hector held a light smirk at her question. “Something like that.” He remembered back to earlier when he threatened the current family living at the house to vacate the premises. “What’s all this? Bacon and pancakes? You didn’t have to cook, I would’ve taken you out for dinner.” Hector waved over the table of food.  

Valarie shook her head. “No, no. That would’ve been nice, but I wanted a nice sit down dinner with just the family.”

Hector’s mind was occupied with thoughts of how he could’ve took his mother out when he came there on his bike. “Huh? Oh, um, Dad’s still busy at the championships. You know, paperwork and all that.” Hector shrugged his shoulders. Eager to change the subject, Hector pulled out a chair for his mother and asked to see if she wanted any orange juice.

“Yes, thank you, Hector.” Valarie shifted in her seat, getting comfortable. Thanking him again for the drink, she waited for him to sit down across from her before inviting him to dig in. “I hope you don’t mind breakfast. The moment I stepped in this kitchen, I felt a tad bit nostalgic and this happened.”

“Red velvet pancakes and thick apple wood bacon? Of course I don’t mind.” Hector laughed at the idea of being bothered of eating breakfast for dinner. “So, how was your day? I couldn’t find you yesterday after the second race.” Hector asked, taking a sip of his drink.

Valarie stiffened for a moment and then relaxed, hoping Hector didn’t catch her hesitation in answering. But he did.

“What’s wrong?” Hector raised a brow before setting down his utensils. The young man couldn’t think of anything for her to worry about. Everything was perfect. Safe Solomon’s absence, but Hector noticed that she paused when he mentioned the race.

“Hector, are you alright?”

Hector stared at her dumbly. It was a loaded question; he didn’t know what answer to give her that would help calm her down. “I don’t understand.” Hector responded honestly.

Valarie’s mouth turned downward into a frown. “I mean, are you happy with your life?”

“Yeah, you came back and we’re a family again.” Hector answered with a small smile. But he still felt that it wasn’t the answer she wanted.

“Your racing career.” Valarie hinted. “It’s not too dramatic, is it? You’re not being pressured into anything?”

Placing his elbows on the table and leaning closer, Hector questioned her bluntly. “What are you asking?”

Valarie’s frown deepened. “I’ve heard rumors that HRT is having trouble, financially, and this championship is a way to save the business from bankruptcy. Are you following me now?”

Hector lowered his eyebrows at his mother’s tone. “What of it?” Hector’s stare intensified.

“Is Solomon pushing you past your limits to win this event? I don‘t want to see you get hurt just for a race.”

Hector’s stance relaxed once she uttered that last sentence. He leaned back and resumed eating. “Thanks for your concern, Mom, but I don’t break easily. It’ll take a lot more than some pressure to see me crack.” Taking a bite of his bacon, Hector continued. “Don’t worry about me or HRT business,” Hector stated firmly. “Just focus on staying at home and making these pancakes. You’ve had enough drama in your life.”

Valarie’s eyebrow twitched at his ‘stay-at-home’ mother bit, but her son wasn’t looking. “There’s still another matter to discuss.”


“I’m aware of your comeback into racing, but as of tonight, I don’t think you should be doing anything extreme. Think of your condition, Hector.”

Wiping his mouth with a napkin before setting it down on his plate, Hector glanced at his mother as he got up to clear his place. “We’ll see.” He got up to put his dishes away.

Valarie put her foot down. “No, Hector. That wasn’t a suggestion, Hector. You will no longer be racing for HRT with your-”

“My what? Condition?” Hector locked his sights onto her. “My leg has not and will not hinder my life. I’ve accepted the weakness and made it my strength. As for your suggestion, while your intentions of stepping in to be a good mother in absence of my teenage years,” Hector noted the hurt look in her eyes, “I am eighteen years old and you have no authority over my life anymore.” Walking back to the table, Hector held out his hand. “Are you done?”

Following his gaze, Valarie saw that he was referring to her plate not their conversation. After nodding, she left the table to go into the living room. Flicking the television on, she went through the channels until she stopped at one. “Hector, get in here!”

Waltzing in with suds still on his cleaning gloves, Hector scanned the room for any intruders before his eyes fell on his mother. He had just started doing the dishes before he was called into the living room. “What is it?” Directed to the television, Hector’s eyes were attached to the screen as he walked over to sit down next to Valarie on the couch.

“For those just tuning in, we are here tonight as two of the best fighters of each team duke it out in the cage in the HRT Championship Race!! Representing Team HRT is the fearsome Nadder while fighting for Team Suoredrum is the infamous Red Death. I gotta tell ya, folks, for a brawl like this, the crowd wanted Night Fury to fight his rival, but Nadder sure is giving ‘em a show!!”

“I need to go.” Hector stood, giving his mother an apologetic look. His night with his mother was ruined. He was foolish to think that the championship would end with his win that night. Now he had to clean up the mess back at the stadium. He’d bet that the crowd would love to see Night Fury come back to help Nadder in the final battle against Red Death. The ratings would shoot through the roof and the financial problems would vanish.

“I know.” The sight of Hector, still donned in his Ultimate Obsidian armor, with yellow cleaning gloves and an apron tied around his waist was a humorous one, but he meant all business. “Be careful.”

“I’ll be back in a few hours…” Hector left for the garage, but came back to the living room.

“What is it?” Valarie looked up.

Hector thought for a moment why he came back, but then he reached over and unclasped his wrist device. “Here,” Hector knelt down and put it in her hand, “Jefferson will give you anything you need. Just ask. I’ll be back.” Hector nodded before swiftly exiting the house.

Hearing the retreating sound of Hector leaving, Valarie’s curiosity was piqued at the device. She’s seen it on Hector’s person at all times. When she clicked on a random button, imagine her surprise when the most recent banking transactions. The first report was about the sizeable withdrawal with the house’s address. Valarie derived a conclusion and could only guess that her son emptied his bank account to buy back the house. Feeling a twinge of real emotion, Valarie shook herself and took out her cell phone. Dialing in, an annoyed male voice yawned a, “What is it now?!”

“I received the master access code to HRT towers. As it turns out, it was never written, it was solely in a device that Hector carried on his person.”

“Finally, some progress, Valarie. I send the jet immediately-”

“No, I will not leave until I tidy up here. You hired me because of my clean track record, correct?” Valarie quickly added as she could practically hear the annoyance from over the phone.

“Yes… Just be sure to cut all ties at Berk before coming here. When you debrief me of your assignment, I want you to have a clear conscience…” Drake let the order linger before he hung up.

“What a paranoid man.” Valarie commented before dialing for a taxi. She had to wait ten minutes before the driver arrived. Once comfortable, she requested to go to HRT towers.

Peering at the rear window, the taxi driver asked, “You got clearance, lady? Security‘s a bitch over there.”

Holding up her new wrist accessory, Valarie smiled. “Don’t worry, I have clearance.” To everything.


Ash jumped back for the third time since the beginning of the fight. She’d been on the defense for too long and the crowd was starting to turn onto Red Death’s offensive fighting. What did they expect? Ash had already both her daggers at him but Red Death only shrugged it off and continued swinging those swords around. Now Ash was down to her quick reflexes and wits. Cursing her stubborn decision to stay with her light-class armor, Ash discovered that Red Death’s armor wasn’t light or heavy class, but like Hector’s, it was a hybrid-class.

Retrieving her last spare dagger, Ash charged for Red Death. Once in range to attack, Ash threw a punch. It surprised her when it connected and Alvin’s head whipped around from the impact, but then he spun to kick her in the stomach, sending Nadder skidding back. Before she could refocus on what was in front of her, Alvin got right in her face and slashed wildly at her. Her guard shooting up in front of her, Nadder’s forearm guards took the brunt of the attack. The moment Ash assumed Alvin paused in his attack; she tried kicking him away to get some distance. But her leg was caught and Ash felt herself being thrown through the air.

Crashing against the reinforced chains-linked fence, Ash knew she had to get up and quick before Alvin had a chance to- Ash suddenly twirled along the fence, barely avoiding the flying sword that would’ve skewered her. Looking up to find Alvin, Ash grunted when she found him. Red Death’s forearm slammed into her neck, pinning her to the wall. Alvin reached over and pulled his sword, readying to stab Ash as he held her still. Ash raised her hands to push against Alvin’s helmet, but with her awkward position, she didn’t have enough of an angle to really do anything. Struggling to get free, Ash’s eyes widened as she watched Alvin drop his sword before taking off his helmet.

“I’m going to enjoy pounding Hector’s favorite toy into paste.” Alvin glanced up and down Ash’s armor, his mouth cracking into a leering grin. He reached over and pulled off Ash’s helmet. “Ooh, what a scary face…” Alvin snickered at the piercing glare he was receiving from Ash. “You don’t scare me, girly. As a matter of fact,” Alvin leaned in close, “having you like this kind of turns me on- Whoa!” His tongue flicked at her button nose before backing away when Ash moved to head butt him. “I gotta tell ya, I was a little surprised your captain wasn’t here to fight me. However, I’m not disappointed, his toy is plenty entertaining. Here, let me help you lose this pathetic armor…” Alvin reached down to pull at Ash’s chest piece.

The instant Alvin broke eye contact; Ash ripped her dagger from his chest piece and scored a long cut across Alvin’s face. After releasing her with a howl of pain, Alvin’s hands flew towards his scarred face, backing away from Ash. Alvin didn’t even feel the EMP sticky bomb attach itself to his arm, but he did feel Ash shove him away from her.

Appearing more animalistic than before, Red Death glared at Nadder with clenched teeth and blood trailing down the side of his face. “You’ll pay for that-” The EMP went off and Red Death stiffened while still maintaining his balance. Alvin seemed to be shrugging off the surges of electricity well, but once Ash added another one, he couldn’t hold it in. Red Death roared in pain. Squeezing his eyes tight, Red Death tried his best to compose himself. He wasn’t aware of Ash standing in front of him, relishing the show. Red Death was open and now Ash finally had a chance to go onto the offensive.

Wrenching her other dagger off his armor, and some fragments of armor, Ash went into a frenzy slashing the exposed chest piece, its wires and circuits spraying left to right. Dodging Alvin’s frantic retaliation swing, Ash stabbed his chest and brought herself up to knee him at the chin. Springing off Red Death, Ash landed a foot away before lunging to deliver her last powerful right hook. Still standing, although temporarily dazed, Red Death was about to lose his balance. But before that, Ash spun to kick him away. Crashing into the cage wall, created a dent, Red Death’s head bowed. Like a ghost of Night Fury, he fell, defeated.

Panting with heavy breathes; Ash’s face broke out into a smile as her fans cheered for her. She’d won! Although she no longer wanted to avenge Night Fury, she beat Red Death! Take that, Hector! Ash dropped her daggers as her victorious grin was mirrored onto the jumbo screen.

“If you don’t want an hourly dose of Reptile, I suggest you get up and end this, Alvin…” Drake radioed into Red Death’s helmet.

Lying on the ground, defeated and about to pass out, the shock of his father’s threat shook Alvin out of it as he gripped his sword and desperately raised it to-

It was too loud. She didn’t hear her teammates. The lights were flashing. She didn’t see them waving their arms frantically at her. Everybody’s attention was drawn to the winner of the championship race. She was happy.

Ash was falling down to her side. She didn’t know why, but she lost her balance. Failing to right herself, she fell with a thud onto the cage floor. Either the crowd suddenly quieted or she was in her own world, it didn’t matter. When she looked down her body, Ash was horrified to see that Alvin’s sword had impaled her right through her left kneecap. With her eyelids closing, the last thing Ash saw was Alvin staring at her. Remorse in his eyes. And fear.


It was dark, Ash was swimming between consciousness, but she heard the shouts of the world outside her head.

“Deactivate Red Death’s armor!!”

“Get security here, now!”

“Call a medic!”

“Hey, sweetie, what’s your name…? Ash, hi, my name is Amy- No, don’t close your eyes, keep them open and keep talking to me! Ash, you’ve been hurt, but it’s going to be okay- I’m losing her, hurry up with the stretcher! No, get a chopper- We need to operate before it gets infected!”

“Ronnie, calm down-”

“Shut up, Stewart, you should’ve been the one in that cage, fighting that monster!”

“It’s not his fault Ash-” The sound of a fist connecting to a jaw rang out.

“You chickened out, you piece of shit!” Ronnie screamed at the both of them before being deactivated.

“You know what,  I don’t even care! She had what was coming to her!” Apparently, Stewart left the scene.

“Hey, you don’t mean that…!” Teddy called after him.


Hector sat in the waiting room at the hospital along with his team. When he first arrived, he knew the burning question all three of them had. “Where were you?” But none of them verbally asked. They were still reeling from the events of earlier. Now, he waited for the results of Ash’s surgery.

Ash had to have her leg amputated. The fault could’ve been on the medical crews that couldn’t decide whether to wait for a helicopter or just drive to the hospital. Maybe the fault landed on Team HRT for allowing it to happen as they watched from the sidelines. Hell, some thought the officials should be the ones to be blamed for even holding the event. But honestly, Hector admitted that he dropped the ball on this one. To his teammates, as soon as he walked in, he took blame. But they didn’t listen or care. They just sat there, like zombies, after learning of Ash’s fate.

Solomon was off to the side with Ash and Ronnie‘s parents, dealing with his own demons. He couldn’t believe he condoned the event. The fear of losing his company should never have come before the safety of a little girl. Solomon still felt the slap he earned from Audrey as soon as they arrived to the hospital. His longtime friend, Archibald, couldn’t even look at him. Solomon thought back to his ex-wife and of her disappearing without a trace. Shaking his head, Solomon never felt so demoralized.

Finally, the doctor that informed them of Ash’s surgery, came into the waiting room with her assistant. Before the woman could even speak, she was bombarded on all sides.

“Did she make it- Sorry. How is she?” Stewart had been reprimanding himself a lot tonight. But he did managed to ask what everyone was thinking.

The doctor recognized the crowd when she first informed them, but she could only discuss the results with the family. She turned to the adults present. “May I speak to the parents of Ashley Maverick?”

There was clear shock and tension in the room at what the doctor uttered. Team HRT was scandalized at Ash’s last name, they couldn’t believe it. Solomon was confused, while Archibald was surprised of the last name being used in the medical records. He turned to Diana for an explanation. But before anything, Hector stood up and briskly walked right up to the doctor. “Where is her room?”

“I cannot disclose that information until you verify whether you are family or a friend of the family.” This wasn’t the first time she had to deal with concerned ones and their bad attitude. She wasn’t fazed by the withering glare she received from the armor teenager.

“I don’t have time for your games, doctor. Answer me.” Hector reached for his weapon.

“Hector, calm yourself down-”

“Answer me…” His Eskrima lit up as surges of electricity coated the baton.

“Nurse, notify the authorities. We have an issue here-”

Just then, the alarms went off as klaxon blared through the speakers. The doctor’s eyes widened as a thought crossed her mind. “Oh no…” Before the doctor could turn to leave, her wrist was grabbed. As it turned out, it was Ash’s father.

“What’s wrong, tell me!” Archibald insisted with worry in his eyes.

The doctor bit her lip before answering. “Before I came to inform you of Ash’s condition, she had a visitor.”

“Who?” Hector piped in, his weapons still drawn.

“It was a family member, so I gave permission-”

That’s all Hector had to hear. With the development of Ash’s last name being Maverick, and the visitor being family, only one person came to mind. Alvin. “What room?!”

“Room 714. I’m sorry, I knew he appeared suspicious but he was persistent-”

Hector was already running down the halls, the numbers on the doors whizzing by until he came upon the room. Exploding into the room, Hector only saw a glimpse of red before he knew it was too late. Clenching his fists, Hector lost his temper in the empty room. He ripped the bed to shreds, broke the medical equipment into irreparable pieces, and put dents into the walls of the room. Hector was on a rampage in a dangerous armor. If it wasn’t for his team tackling him to the ground, who knows what could’ve happened to the rooms holding actual patients.

After being successfully pinned by his team, Hector let out a snarl to be released. Before the security arrived to detain him, Hector used his Eskrima to throw off his team before exiting the room. As he charged down the hallways, he barreled down the guards and whoever tried to stop him. Once out of the hospital, Hector got onto his bike and sped off.

Arriving at the empty airport strip, Hector prepped his stealth bomber and checked off the requirements for emergency flight. He was unaware of the incoming calls due to his missing wrist device. If only he had it, he would’ve received the message his mother left him.

Taking off, Hector set his destination for Fort Suoredrum. With his armor’s overall power at less than 25 percent, his weapons dead, and his bike in need of refueling, Hector knew he was heading into the serpent’s den unprepared. That’s what he gets for wearing the armor for extended periods of time without properly charging it. But it didn’t deter him. It was Hector’s fault Ash was in this mess and if he knew Alvin as much as he remembered, he had to get their quickly. There still the looming fear of what the mad scientist would do with a new test subject for his Reptile.
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If you come up with most of your fanfic ideas by laying in bed staring at the moon, copy and paste this into your profile and add your name; Medalis, Invisibool, krazykookiegirl, Gewlicious, RainingSunshineEverywhere, Qille,Sara Neko Chan, EquinoxKnight01 (Knight of Order and Chaos!)

If you read this, copy this into your profile. (You know you did.)

If you think that Writer's Block sucks, copy and paste this into your profile copy and paste this into your profile. ("Story! Get out of my head!!! Gah!" *falls out of chair*)

If you have risked many things in life, copy and paste this on your profile. (Should I have the spicy mexican food or the seafood for lunch before the big meeting...? Mexican! What could go wrong?)

If you think Susan from Monster vs Aliens looks like Sam Sparks from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, copy and paste this on your profile. (I just noticed this as I read this post.)

If you think that Toothless is the awesomest dragon character in HTTYD, copy paste this on your profile.

If you think Camicazi is a billion times better than Astrid, copy and paste this on your profile. (Hahaha. Well this is awkward...)

If you're hopelessly addicted to chocolate, paste this into your profile. (You know that crazy "CHOCOLATE!!!" guy from Spongebob Squarepants... Yea that's me... Now multiply that by... Uh six.)

If you appreciate the beauty of movie soundtracks and own at least one, paste this into your profile. (You know... That one song that goes "doo doo doo di ba"... Ya know?)

If you've met some really cool people online (possibly from other countries) as a result of your involvement on this site, paste this into your profile. (Yes, my butthead of a little sister! She always there to flame my stories... Wait a second! She's probably "ThisSucked"!)

If you realize that by joining this site, you are a part of something special, paste this into your profile. (Yes, the elite group that truly let's their imagination run wild! But for me, my stories seem more like farces... T_T)

If you're a PJO ultimate fan or demigod, copy and paste this onto your profile. (Whaaaaat?)

If your reading fanfics when your supposed to be studying for a major test the next day, and telling your parents your studying, copy and paste this onto your profile. (Parents: "200! That's how many points you get for spelling you name right! How could this have happened?!" Equinox: "Actually, you get 400 points for spelling your name right...")

If you read people's profiles looking for things to copy and paste into your profile, copy and paste this into your profile.

When life gives you lemons, make apple juice and let life wonder how the heck you did it! (What up Norris? Ain't got nothing on this!)

If you have ever forgotten what you were going to say, right before you say it, copy this into your profile. (This week's new chapter...)

Chocolate chip cookies are the best!! If you agree, copy and paste this into your profile!! ("This Chocolate Chip cookie right here... This cookie right here is no lie.")

I'm bored...If you're bored then paste this in your profile and let the world know you have nothing to do... (My readers: "If you're so bored, why don't you finish writing the next chapter!" Equinox: "Because I'm bored! Duuuuuh."

If you haven't died yet, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If there are times where you just wanna annoy someone for the heck of it copy this into your profile.

If you have ever run into a door, copy this into your profile. (It said "PULL"... So yeah...)

If you think that girls are equals to boys, copy and paste this on your profile. (I pray that they aren't remotely like me... The craziness would put Joker to shame)

If you've walked under something that was about two feet above your head and ducked anyway copy and paste this is your profile. (Being 6'3", I just plain run into it anyway...)

If you've ever tried to put your hair behind your ears and ended up poking yourself in the eye, copy this into your profile.

If you've ever wondered what you are like in another dimension, copy and paste this in your profile. (Is this real life???)

If you're easily confused or confuzzled add this to your profile.

If you think that child abuse is wrong and should be stopped completely, copy and past this into your profile.

Profile your into this past and copy ,retard a like beginning the from this read actually you if. Now Read It Backwards. ("...")

If you have ever zoned out for more than five consecutive seconds...copy/paste this into profile. (Duuuuuude...)

If you have ever thought of something funny, started laughing, and fell & hit your head on something hard, and ended up laughing harder than you were before, copy and paste this into your profile. (Lol! HAhaha! GAH! *falls out of chair*)

If someone has ever said something to you that had nothing to do with your current conversation, copy and paste this into your profile. (And I said pass the caviar...)

If you've ever wished you could go into a book and strangle some of the characters for being so incredibly dumb, copy and paste this into your profile. (Hehehe. I'm coming for you...)

If at one time you misspelled or forgot how to spell a word less than four letters, copy and paste this onto your profile. (How do you spell "lmao" again?)

If you have ever become so obsessed with something that it is NOT even funny anymore and people think you're insane, copy this into your profile.

If you can raed tihs, cpoy tihs itno yuor polrfie, and sea if ohtres can raed it. (You jelly?)

If you ever totally spaced out during some kind of sporting event and the other team scored a point because of it, copy this into your profile.

If you've been on the computer for hours on end, reading numerous fanfictions, copy this onto your profile, and add your name to this list: danyan, Zutara Lover, Black'n'red'Butterfly, Enrica(real name)(i always change my penname)(tehehehe) I'veComeToTakeYourCheese, Vampire Scooby, Alannaswarrior, SpottedLilly (about 24 hours now not counting the few hours of sleep), Alleyanna Cullen,hugz.4.all.the.emo.boyz, WritingRocks6 (hoo yeah), GlindaFied26, XxXpurplelilyxXx Bookluvrxoxo, Daydreamer897, The Friendly Chupacabra, Shorty and KG Inc.(:D), AVirgoGirl, xcheergrlx3, Mrs.DiAngelo,zeusgirl39, percabeth4evereverveverever, RainingSunshineEverywhere, Qille, Sarah(Sara Neko Chan), EquinoxKnight01 (Supreme Knight of Order and Chaos!)

If you have ever laughed at something that you wouldn't normally laugh at because it was really late at night, copy this into your profile. (Oh you Vampires, hahaha.)

If you have ever gone to edit your profile, saw all your cut and paste things, and thought "DAMN! That is a lot of crap!" copy and paste this to your profile

If you've ever walked into a doorway that you could've clearly dodged, you just weren't paying close enough attention, copy and paste this on your profile.

Even more random posts!!!


1) What color is your toothbrush?


2) Name one person who made you smile today:

My little sister when she got to cocky with the last step on the stairs.

3) What were you doing at 8 A.M. this morning?


4) What were you doing 45 minutes ago?

Cursing myself for getting easily distracted by YouTube.

5) What is your favorite candy bar?

Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar.

6) Have you ever been to a strip club?

Nope. *Sad panda face*

7) What is the last thing you said aloud?


8) What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

Rainbow Sherbert! *3* THE COLORS!!!

9) What was the last thing you had to drink?

Coke, while eating Mentos.

10) Do you like your wallet?

Yes, fond memories I have with that wallet. One memory is actually stuck to my wallet. When the fruit snack "Gushers" blew up in the same pocket I carried my wallet. It's shaped like this, ":D" lol.

11) What was the last thing you ate?

Chalupa Supreme from Taco Bell.

12) Have you bought any new clothing items this week?


13) The last sporting event you watched

Super Bowl 2012, only for the commercials that were very disappointing. Except for the E-Trade baby and Doritos Dog.

14) What is your favorite flavor of popcorn?

Kettle-corn. Ooooh! And maybe marshmallow if I beg my mom to get me some! Yum! X3

15) Who is the last person you sent a text message too?

Older man-child of a brother.

16) Ever go camping?

No. Never again. Curse you Panda, CURSE YOU!!! *Flashback*

17) Do you take vitamins daily?

I've taken enough Flintstones vitamins as a child to last my lifetime... -_-

18) Do you go to church every Sunday?

Yes, by extreme unnecessary force.

19) Do you have a tan?

Nope. But I plan to visit Jersey Shore one of these days.

20) Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza?

PIZZA!!!! I'm deathly allergic to Chinese food! :D

21) Do you drink your soda with a straw?

Bendy straws if we have them. *Serious face* It has to be bendy straws or no straws at all...

22) What did your last text message say?

Open the garage for groceries.

23) What are you doing tomorrow?

Same thing I do everyday, Pinky. Try to take over the WORLD!!!

24) What was the last thing you watched on YouTube?

I was hungry so I watched "EpicMealTime". Now I'm not hungry anymore.

25) Look to your left, what do you see?

My T.V.

26) What color is your watch?

Black and blue.

27) What do you think of when you hear Australia?

British mermaids from the show "H20". XD

28) What is your birthstone?

Don't know what a birthstone is, sooo I'll just say Dragon.

29) Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit the drive thru?

With my mom, the drive-thru. With my dad, we go in the place. By myself, inside if it's no too crowded.

30) What is your favorite number?


31) Who's the last person you talked to on the phone?

Brother in college.

32) Any plans today?

Strap myself down to finish this new chapter already!!!

33) How many states have you lived in?


34) Biggest annoyance right now?

My brain. I take the GED this winter but every time I try to study for it, my brain tells my hand to go to YouTube.

35) Last song listened to?

"When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta Ft. Kelly Rowland. Listen to it, it's awesome.

36) Can you say the whole alphabet backwards?

I can't even say it normal.

37) Do you have a maid service clean your house?

That's hilarious. Truly hilarious. There's a Chores List on the refrigerator.

38) Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time?

Red and black Protege' basketball sneakers. I save them for special occasions.

39) Are you jealous of anyone?

Yes. There's a certain beaver that I am very jelly of for taking my Selena!!! Noooooo!

40) Is anyone jealous of you?

Yes and no. My brothers are jelly because I'm taller than them and they're the oldest.

41) Do you love anyone?

Do my stories count? Hahaha just kidding... Ahem ladies, I am still single. *Wiggles eyebrows*

42) Do any of your friends have children?

I have no idea...

43) What do you usually do during the day?

When I'm not doing home-schooling, I do my P90X (Ladies... HOOHAH! *flexes muscles*). Then I watch YouTube videos until midnight when I'm supposed be writing the next chapter for my stories.

44) Do you hate anyone that you know right now?

At the moment, not really.

45) Do you use the word 'hello' daily?

Nope. In fact, whenever someone calls me, I answer "Yes, my good sir!". They usually laugh. lol. Or they hang up immediately... :S

46) What colour is your car?

I. Don't. Own. One...YET!! GAH! *falls out of chair*  :iconcannotevenplz:   BUT when I do get a car, it will be a black Dodge Charger with blue stripes going up and down the middle of the beast of a car!!! And who the hell spells "color" like "colour"?

47) Do you like cats?


48) Are you thinking about someone right now?

He he... HA HA!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! *crazy laughter ensues* Excuse my dirty mind...

49) Have you ever been to Six Flags?

XD AW YEAH! I even got to dance with the actual Six Flags guy! lol

50) How did you get your worst scar?

When my older siblings shoved me into the dryer machine. For some reason I grew taller than my whole family when I grew up. Time for the revenge!!! >:D OR This one time when I raced with my friends on our bikes. I won but immediately ran into a mail box when I put my hands up in victory. Got a long scar on my right leg.



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